Friday, January 21, 2011


I, am your friend.

I am the one that holds back the tears when it pains me to see what you are going through, to be the rock that you need...all the time.

I am the one who walks into the dark cloud that surrounds you to lead you back into the sunlight.

I am the hand, that holds the tissue, when you cry.

I am the one who can take it, when you need to dish it out.

I am the ground of certainty, when you are uncertain.

I am the tears that you need when you seem to run out.

I am the one that shares the pain with you that lies behind your eyes from the fire you walked through so many years ago because the coals from that fire still smolder.

I am the one that shares your everything.

I am the pick you up when you fall.

I am the one that shared the happiness that was there with birth.

I am the one who held you through the sorrow of death.

I am the healer that helps when you are sick.

I am the hand that brings you the glass of water when yours is empty.

I am the one that gladly walks behind you to close what you have left open.

I am the one to help bear the burdens for you to ease your spirit.

I am the "no matter what".

You, are my inspiration.

I love you.

I am your friend.


  1. This has a lot of thinkings in it, if you know what I mean. Very well said.